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Multi-Store Integration
Multi-Store Integration
How to integrate Gmail with Willdesk Inbox ?
A: Input Gmail information FirstGo to setting< Email < Choose Gmail and click IntegrationThen, input your name and Gmail address, and check Email server (IMAP/SMTP).B: Turn on the 2-step verification Click Gmail account Avatar < Manage Your Google Account < Security < Click 2-Step Verification. Follow the prompts to turn on the two-step verification.C: Add app passwordsRoll down on your 2-Step Verification page, click App passwords, enter App name "Willdesk", click Create, and follow the guidance to add app passwords.D: Enable Gmail POP/IMAPGo back to the Gmail page, click the [Settings] icon - [See All Settings] - click [Forwarding and POP/IMAP] - [Enable IMAP] - click [Save] to change.E: Input Email authorization codeInput the verification code, which is the long auto-generated password just copied, and then click [Save and Connect].F: Complete the integrationYour Gmail address is successfully integrated into the Willdesk inbox. You are able to manage your Gmail message inside the Willdesk inbox.You may also click this link and check the video as a reference 👇: Setup App Password by LinkIf you can't locate the option for generating an App Password in your Google Account after enabling two-step verification, please click on the following link to obtain an authorization code: logging in, please enter the App name "Willdesk".This App password would be your email authorization code, please copy it and fill in:And your Gmail account will be successfully integrated with Willdesk.Note: If 2-step authentication link NOT appearing in your Google account, please kindly contact the Google account help: They are happy to help you further with that Google account -> 2-step verification issue!ATTENTION :If you change your email password, email integration will be failed. Please follow the above steps to integrate again!Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How to set up Shopify flow to create a ticket for Review apps and refunds?
The integration of Willdesk and Shopify flow supports creating tickets for negative review scenarios and Refund scenarios to be followed up in Willdesk's inbox;Willdesk open action: Create a ticketTo set up Shopify flow with Willdesk, please go to Flow and click [Import] to upload our templates.Flow Templates:Complete multiple actions to automate product reviews based on the star level - Yotpo.flowCreate a support ticket when a product question is asked - Growave.flowCreate a support ticket when you receive a negative review - Stamped Product Reviews & UGC.flowTag and create a support ticket after a refund.flowTrack and create a support ticket after negative reviews - use of Willdesk open scenario Create a ticket and Review app1. Willdesk integrates with Growave via Shopifyflow: Create support ticket when a product question is asked  2. Willdesk integrates with Stamped Product Reviews & UGC via Shopify flow: Create support ticket when you receive a negative review 3. Willdesk integrates with via Shopify flow: Track and create a support ticket after negative reviews  4: Willdesk integrates with Yotpo via Shopify flow: Complete multiple actions to automate product reviews based on the star level  Notes:Messages coming through Workflow will be displayed on the Willdesk inbox panel through system message notifications in Willdesk, as shown below: Because these messages are created by the merchant proactively, each ticket will be counted as one new conversation quota.
How to complete WhatsApp Integration?
Willdesk currently integrates the WhatsApp Business API account. A WhatsApp Business API account needs to be applied for and reviewed by Meta official.  WhatsApp Business API accounts that are not enterprise-certified can only use a limited number of 250 conversations.How to finish WhatsApp Integration?Firstly, please go to Setting > Channel > WhatsApp, Click [Connect WhatsApp Business] button to enter the integration process, then select the Facebook account to log in.Then, please get started to connect your account, and create or select an existing Business account.And then, please create or select a WhatsApp business number.Next step, please complete WhatsApp business account information settings, follow the steps to integrate WhatsApp.After following the process, the integrated WhatsApp information will be displayed on the interface:After integration, you can send and receive WhatsApp messages in the inbox list.Notes:1. One Meta Bussiness Suite can only create 2 WhatsApp business accounts (WABA).2. One WhatsApp business account (WABA) can only integrate 2 WhatsApp mobile numbers by default in the initial stage. If you need to integrate more mobile numbers, you need to apply with the Meta official.
How to sync customers' details to Shopify?
1. It's available to edit and modify customers. Hover the mouse over the customer name column, and an edit icon will appear.2. Customer data can be synced to Shopify. After the customer data is synchronized to Shopify, related email marketing applications like Klaviyo can obtain customer data for email marketing. In other words, we support indirect integration with Shopify email marketing apps like Klaviyo.Below is a link to the email marketing apps in Shopify app store: Customers information and data synchronization with Shopify must also complete store re-authorization.Note: If there are multiple stores, please refer to the integrations page for authorization first.
How to complete store authorization to add a Shopify coupon?
A coupon feature is added in the input box, which will display the active coupons created in your Shopify stores. Before adding coupons, historical users need to update authorization with your Shopify stores so that you can send coupons in Willdesk.3.  If no authorization, we have a reminder to guide the user to authorize it directly.4. Click Update Authorization to jump to the authorization page of the corresponding store. After clicking Update app to finish the authorization, the coupon function can be used normally.5. Click to send a Coupon, and a hyperlink to the coupon code will be displayed on the page. After you insert the coupon and send it to your customers, they can click the hyperlink to the product with discounts.Note: If you have multiple stores, please kindly find “Your integrations” in “Settings” section, then click "Authorization" to complete store authorization, so that you can add coupons from these stores. Thank you!
How to integrate multi Shopify stores into one Willdesk account?
1. Click Settings-Integrations and then choose Shopify as the one which is used to integrate other Shopify stores.2. After clicking, please input your Shopify Store name ending with The Website name will be fulfilled automatically after your inputting, you can also change it into others to make a difference with your current store name.3. While clicking Connect Shopify Store, it will guide you to the Shopify Login page first (If you haven't logged in to a related store before, there will appear this step, and if you have already login this store backstage already, you will go to step 4 directly.)4. After that, click the blue button Connect Shopify Store, which will lead you to the APP installation page directly. You can click the install APP button from the Shopify Admin page at this step.5. After installing properly, our APP will guide you to the WillDesk login page directly and automatically log in with the same WillDesk account and password you are using currently. Then you can check by clicking Settings-Your integrations to check if your store is integrated commonly or not. If it is integrated, you will see it inside this option, like the screenshot shared below.
How to integrate Willdesk widget to my WordPress?
1.Log in to your Willdesk account through: you do not have an account, you need to register an account and then log in)2.Go to the Settings Tab——Integration——All integrations and click JavaScript.3. In the JacaScript integration page, insert your store link and generate your store data.(Please don't forget to click the "save" button.)4. Copy the Javascript code for the following integration, which will be pasted into your WordPress website.5. Open your WordPress store Admin and select the page you want to modify. Install the "Visual Composer" plugin at your WordPress Admin. Select the “FRONTEND EDITOR” modification tool and go to the according page.6. Click "Raw JS Settings" and paste the JavaScript integration code inside "JavaScript code". Don't forget to click "update".
How to integrate non-Shopify stores into my Willdesk account?
On your settings go to Integration>>Browse All Integrations1. Click Javascript and you can see the code snippet.2. Click the button on the second page to copy the code to your Code Base.3. Insert the Code on the Code Base and before the last body tag.If you don't know how to operate it, please feel free to contact us and our development team will help you integrate the Non-Shopify Platform Store into Willdesk.Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How to differentiate your multi store chat widgets?
Store-level settings feature allows you to customize the branding, messaging, style, language, and more for each store's chat widget. By applying unique settings for each store, you can make your chat widgets more personalized, relevant, and engaging for customers across different stores.【In cases where a store hasn't made any personalized settings, the plugin will display the default settings of the single brand. However, we've made it easy for you to enable and make personalized store-level settings by providing a clear prompt to turn on the feature before making any changes.】Please kindly go to the Settings-Widget settings-select your desired stores and configure various widget options to suit your needs, then click "save change".Please kindly go to the Settings-Translation-select your desired stores and configure language/font options to suit your needs, then click "save change".Please kindly go to the Settings-Helpdesk-Articles-select your desired stores and add FAQ articles to be diaplayed.Please go to the Settings-Your integrations-click "edit "icon and edit the website name for your desired store, which will also be displayed on your according chat widget. 
How to identify the customers in one inbox from multi websites?
You could check the right panel of the inbox interface and you are able to know which website address does the customers come from according "From". Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How I am gonna recognize which store from it comes on a mobile APP?
Please kindly check the conversation details and you are able to find where your customer is coming from and which store.Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!