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Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration
Why my WhatsApp number is under PENDING status?
If your WhatsApp number is under PENDING status, it means that the meta official is reviewing your account at the moment. Please kindly check meta official document for your reference. Thank you!How to check number status in meta background:Step 1. Enter 2.Step 3.
What are the differences among WhatsApp accounts?
WhatsApp, as the most downloaded social networking application in the global Apple App Store, encompasses three main members: WhatsApp Messenger, WhatsApp Business, and WhatsApp Business API.Now, let's see the differences.WhatsApp Messenger, the inaugural release, primarily caters to individual users, facilitating daily communication and interaction.WhatsApp Business targets small and medium-sized enterprises, addressing various business needs.WhatsApp Business API, an extension of the aforementioned versions, offers enhanced commercial capabilities. It fulfills larger enterprises' demands in customer communication and management, enabling official bulk messaging, and making it the preferred choice for sizable corporations.As of now, Willdesk supports integration with WhatsApp Business API accounts. WhatsApp Business API accounts do not require linking with Facebook but need to be created and managed under Meta's Business Manager. You can refer to the following link for integration steps. How to complete WhatsApp Integration?
How to migrate integrated WhatsApp number in Willdesk?
Related restrictions:1. By default, two BMs are allowed to be created under a meta account.2. There is currently no clear public figure for the number of WABAs bound to the BM account, but 5-6 seems to be fine. If it exceeds the limit, it will prompt that the limit has been exceeded.3. One WABA allows two mobile phone numbers to be bound by default.4. The above restrictions meta will be checked and adjusted regularly according to the usage of the account.Number migration:Option: Different BSP (Board Support Package), same BM (Business Manager), different WABA (WhatsApp Business API)The process is as follows:1. Customer turns off 2FA for numbers2. The customer is in the same BM and creates a new WABA in the new BSP. After obtaining the WABA, the customer migrates the number to the same BM and a different WABA.What happens with migration?Before migrating, we need to understand the following concepts:Source WABA: Refers to the WABA account integrated on other BSPs.Source WABA number: It is the mobile phone number bound to source WABA.Target WABA: That is to say which new WABA you want to migrate the source WABA to.Number migration refers to data migration between two WABAs through the source WABA number.After the migration is successful, the source WABA number will be transferred to the target WABA.High-quality templates in the source WABA will also be synchronized to the target WABA.Prerequisites:1. Turn off 2FA for your number meta's business platform and click SettingsSelect WhatsApp accountSelect the waba associated with the mobile phone number that needs to turn off two-factor authentication, and click to enter WhatsApp managementSelect your mobile number and click SettingsClick on two-factor authentication. If it is turned on, it needs to be turned off. Subsequent meta will send operation documents to the specified email address.Enter your email and click on the linkPlease turn off verificationEnterprise verification meta's business platform, select the corresponding BM, and click WhatsApp AccountsClick Edit to complete the company informationClick Start verification to conduct enterprise verification.Common questions:Issue 1:Registered name should be present and approvedProblem Description:Cannot Migrate Phone Number (Registered name should be present and approved.) The source WABA mobile phone number has not been approved.Check method:solution:Wait patiently for approval before migrating or reintegrating a mobile phone number that better meets the name specifications.Issue 2:How to delete waba ?When this happens, it means there are too many waba accounts under BM.Solution:Enter the BM settings page: the Whatsapp account and select the waba you want to delete and delete it. There cannot be a mobile phone number under the waba to be deleted.You need to wait 1-3 minutes after deletion for the cache to be updated.
Email Marketing App Integration
Willdesk integrates with Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Privy, SMSBump, Shopify Email, etc. by default.After integration, Willdesk user information in Customers can be automatically synchronized to the Shopify store. Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Privy, SMSBump, and Shopify Email can automatically synchronize user information data from Shopify stores.User data synchronized from Willdesk will be labeled "Customer imported from Willdesk" 
What are the WhatsApp charging rules?
Valid conversations definition:WhatsApp charges are based on the 24-hour valid conversation officially defined by Meta, the official policy as follows: validity time: Messages replied by C-end within 24 hours as of now. A new template is required to initiate a conversation after more than 24 hours.Validity time of Templates in conversation: 24 hours. The time starts from when the user receives the template. Templates of the same type can still be sent for FREE within 24 hours1. Regarding Monthly user charges:WhatsApp conversations: You can purchase Add-on WhatsApp charges $10 per 50 conversations in the billing page, and each WhatsApp conversation is US$0.2; the fee is based on the usage of the conversation quota and is deducted incrementally.2. Regarding Annual user charges:Annual paying users: You can click the Add-on purchases Whatsapp Conversations button to enter the one-time conversation purchase portal of WhatsApp, and select an amount to purchase. Users of the annual subscription package can purchase WhatsApp credits based on actual conditions.
About WhatsApp template usage and message display in Inbox
When actively sending a WhatsApp message, you need to first select a WhatsApp message template to send the message. You can choose a marketing-type template and a transaction-type template:2. Service-type conversation: A conversation initiated by a user is called a service-type conversation. A service-type conversation can reply to a normal message or a message template:3. If the conversation exceeds the 24-hour validity period officially specified by meta [], you need to choose a template to send a message.
How to manage WhatsApp Templates?
WhatsApp TemplatesTemplates can be edited and managed under Meta WhatsApp business account, and WhatsApp template management can also be done on Willdesk. The templates under each WhatsApp business account can be shared by various WhatsApp numbers.Template management: It is recommended to add and delete templates in Willdesk first. Templates can also be updated and managed in meta simultaneously. Willdesk's templates automatically sync to Meta's WhatsApp business account.WhatsApp message templates are divided into three types: marketing, transaction, and verification. Among them, Willdesk does NOT support the verification type yet.Willdesk Template Management:Please go to Setting > WhatsApp > Template, and click to edit WhatsApp Business Template.Templates can add various types of Titles, including none, text, image, video, and file.After creating the template, perform unified template management in the list: each template needs to be officially reviewed by Meta after creation. The template review time is [1 minute - 48 hours]. Only templates that have been reviewed can be used.Meta WhatsApp business account - Entrance location:Please log in to your Facebook account > go to Meta Business Suite > click Settings > Click WhatsApp account, and click WhatsApp business account to enter the management page.The management page can edit and update templates:Message Template Management:
Integration With Loloyal: Loyalty and Referrals
Introduction:Willdesk simplifies communication between businesses and their customers. It offers a centralized platform that consolidates conversations from various channels, making it easier for businesses to manage customer interactions. Additionally, by integrating with Loloyal, businesses can leverage the benefits of their loyalty program by seamlessly adding the app to their helpdesk. This integration allows businesses to provide a more personalized experience to their customers, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.With Willdesk, you can customize your sidebar to include all the necessary Loyalty data. This data can be used to gain context on your tickets and provide your customers with an exceptional experience. By having access to this information, you can better understand your customers' needs and preferences, which can help you to provide more personalized and effective support. With Willdesk's Loyalty data, you can take your customer service to the next level and build stronger relationships with your customers.Setup Integration Instructions1. To successfully connect your Loyalty program with Willdesk, please install Loloyal first. Once the installation is complete, Willdesk will automatically connect and integrate with Loloyal, and you will be able to view all Loloyal-related data in the Conversation Details in Willdesk.2. When a ticket is raised by a customer, the Willdesk panel will load dynamically to display the Loyalty data of the customer. This feature is only available to customers who are enrolled in your Loyalty program. The Loyalty data will provide you with useful insights into the customer's past purchases, preferences, and other relevant information that can help you to provide personalized and efficient support.
How to complete WhatsApp Integration?
Willdesk currently integrates the WhatsApp Business API account. A WhatsApp Business API account needs to be applied for and reviewed by Meta official.  WhatsApp Business API accounts that are not enterprise-certified can only use a limited number of 250 conversations.How to finish WhatsApp Integration?Firstly, please go to Setting > Channel > WhatsApp, Click [Connect WhatsApp Business] button to enter the integration process, then select the Facebook account to log in.Then, please get started to connect your account, and create or select an existing Business account.And then, please create or select a WhatsApp business number.Next step, please complete WhatsApp business account information settings, follow the steps to integrate WhatsApp.After following the process, the integrated WhatsApp information will be displayed on the interface:After integration, you can send and receive WhatsApp messages in the inbox list.Notes:1. One Meta Bussiness Suite can only create 2 WhatsApp business accounts (WABA).2. One WhatsApp business account (WABA) can only integrate 2 WhatsApp mobile numbers by default in the initial stage. If you need to integrate more mobile numbers, you need to apply with the Meta official.
How can I connect the Willdesk to Instagram?
Once you integrate Willdesk with Instagram, Willdesk can receive direct messages and messages mentioning you from Instagram! Please kindly check the following steps to connect Willdesk to Instagram:Step 1: To connect Willdesk to Instagram, please kindly make sure your account is a professional Instagram account.If it is a personal account, please click More ->Settings->Switch to professional account.Step 2: Please kindly find Linked Accounts in your Facebook Settings, and click Connect Account in Instagram.Step 3:  Please kindly go to Willdesk Setting page, click Messenger/Instagram, and then click Connect to Facebook.Before integrating Instagram you need to integrate the corresponding Facebook Fanpage.          Step 4:  Please continue to authorize the integration of the professional Instagram account under a certain topic page. After integration is authorized, the page will display the associated Instagram name. ✨🚀📺 Kindly take a moment to watch the video below for your reference:With Willdesk's seamless integration with Instagram, you can effortlessly manage your messages across platforms, to ensure quick and efficient customer interactions! Let us know if there's any question. Thank you! 🤗
How can I connect the Willdesk to Facebook messenger?
1. Click the button "Connect Facebook Messenger"2. Select the blue button "Continue as XXX"3. For now, Facebook only can support connecting the Public page, so if we haven't created any pages, we need to create the page first, if we already have a page, we can directly add the page.4. please click these two selections to continue;5. Please also enable this button to make sure that the connection is working properly~6. then your Facebook will be automatically integrated into your Willdesk account, and you will be able to receive and reply to the Facebook messages on the willdesk~7. How to distinct the message source to know which one is from Facebook messenger?If the message is from Facebook messenger, there is going to have a small icon shown on the chat.Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!