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How does shopping cart work?
By seamlessly integrating shopping carts, you can gain deeper insights into customers' preferences and interests, allowing you to provide better service. The information includes product images, prices, inventory status, product discounts, etc, and you will receive tips on the customer’s activities when adding or removing items in the conversation.a. How to Start Your Shopping Cart ExperienceFirstly, customers must start or have had a chat with you to access the information in the shopping cart. When a customer adds items to the cart while logged in as a visitor, the customer needs to reach out to you via live chat for the contents of the cart to sync to the right side of the conversation.For users: If customers‘ Email or phone numbers have been collected, the system will automatically track whether there was an adding-to-cart activity based on the email address or phone number. For visitors: Customers who didn’t provide information, and visit your page in different browsers, the system will automatically recognize them as different customers.b. How Does One or Multiple Stores' Shopping Cart DisplayBy default, a single store displays two items in your shopping cart. Click more to enter the paging display in the right column.If you have multiple stores, the details of the shopping carts of all your stores from the same customer can be displayed in the same conversation as well. The maximum number of items displayed in the shopping cart for each store is 250. c. How Can I See the Cart Activity NotificationsThe activities of adding or removing items or quantities in the shopping cart by the customer will be indicated in the conversation box as tips, but you will not receive new message alerts, and it will not affect the status of the tickets (Open, Close). The reminder format is as follows:● This customer added the [product name]*N in their cart on Sep 08, 21:10. The cart subtotal is {amount} ● This customer removed the [product name]*N from their cart on Sep 08, 21:10. The cart subtotal is {amount}For example:d. How Does the Shopping Cart Work When Customers Visit in Different Browsers?If a customer opens the shopping cart page in multiple browsers, the system will pull the shopping cart data and sync it to the conversation every 30 minutes after the customer added the items to the cart.e. How Does the Shopping Cart Work When Customers Go Offline?When the conversation is closed or the customer goes offline, the tips for adding or removing items or quantities by the customer will not be displayed in the original conversation, but they will continue to sync to the cart section on the right side. When you’re back to this conversation, they will be able to see the latest items in the cart.f. How to Activate Shopping Cart on Willdesk?The shopping cart section will be unlocked after upgrading to the newest package, and the shopping cart information will be displayed normally according to the rules above.
How to set up a trigger link for the helpdesk widget?
To set up the trigger link we have two methods, here are the steps. 💖Method 1: Method of customizing codes (1) First, enter the authorized shop via this link (2) Click Customized button and locate related elements on the website. (3) Find out the related code position after verifying in step (2) by clicking three dots near Customize button and selecting [Edit Code] option. (4) Modify the code by adding the below codes for specific content: onclick=”window.Willdesk && 2: Method of adding codes on the Theme section (depending on Shopify Theme Content if supportive or not)Add the below codes in Custom Liquid option. Open Willdesk App Please feel free to choose your preferred method. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.🥰
How does the unread feature work in Willdesk?
The Unread function can help you quickly identify unread messages. When there are too many tickets, your chats can be better processed by identifying the unread status.There is an Unread folder in Willdesk Inbox. Unread conversations from all channels will show in this folder, so that you can quickly identify your chats.If you need to mark a ticket as unread, please click
How to use Tag feature?
We have a Tag feature in Settings, which can help you create and manage your tags. You can add tags to tickets or people, which can help you analyze your data.
How to Upload Website logo?
 Click Setting icon first.Select Widget settings under Channels.Click Greetings one more time.Find out Website logo option and click blue button to upload image you need.Click Save change button to keep the changes.PS:(1) Website logo uploading is a paid function, you have to be under at least Basic Plan to use this function properly.(2) Website logo only supports JPG/PNG format currently, the recommended size should be 1024*1024 px.(3) You can upload website logo for several integrated store by selecting related options in the screenshot below.
How to download the Mobile app on my phone?
Please kindly go to the Settings——General——Mobile app, scan the QR code , and download the mobile app on your phone according to your mobile device. (We listed the download link both for Apple and Android)Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How can customers reach me when I'm offline?
It is suggested to set up separately according to online or offline status. If you set up your business hours online, you can enable notifications both on your browser and mobile phone. So you won't miss the messages from your customers and can begin the live chat with them. If you set up your business hours offline, you can go to Settings ---Translation and edit reminder messages for non-working hours to guide your customers to send you inquiries by email. (PS: It is also suggested to integrate your email into Willdesk inbox, which would be convenient for you to receive email messages from your customers directly in Willdesk inbox)Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How to notify customers if they are offline?
Offline Email NotificationWhen your customers go offline, the chat messages you send to them will automatically be converted into email format and sent to their inboxes. This means that even if your customer is offline, you can still keep in touch with them and ensure that you don't miss any important conversations or business opportunities.Please follow the below steps to set up offline Email Notifications. Ⅰ: Kindly go to the Willdesk backend-Settings-Email and take email integration first. Ⅱ:  Second, kindly go to the Settings-Your integrations- and choose the according intergated email address for your single or multi stores. Ⅲ: Thridly, go to Settings-Live Chat-Widget settings-Choose the single or multi stores and enabled email data collection. Ⅳ: Take a preview how it works.      • If your customers close the current webapge or lose the internet connection, they will be regarded as offline status by Willdesk ;                     • Your response to the merchant will also be mailed to the customer's email inbox.       PS: If your customer sumbit invalid email address, the email can't be sent successfully. Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations! 
How to get notification if someone ask a question?
You can get message notifications both on a laptop and mobile device. On your Laptop, Please go to your Chrome Settings.Click Privacy and security——Site settings——Notifications and allow the notifications from Willdesk.If you allowed the notification from Willdesk on your browser, you will get the new messages reminder on your web page and lower right corner, as well as a sound notification "Ding".On your mobile, please set up the message notification as the below method 1. Open your phone's Settings app. 2. Tap Apps & notifications. Notifications. 3. Under “Recently Sent,” tap an app. 4. Tap a type of notification. 5. Choose your options: Choose Alerting or Silent. To see a banner for alerting notifications when your phone is unlocked, turn on Pop on screen.If you set them well, you will get the message notification from your customers even if you are outline.  Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How to create shortcuts for frequently asked questions?
Please kindly go to  Settings-Helpdesk-Macros and click "New macro" to create the macro for yourself or your team. a: Think of a macro name. b:    Choose the macro for the special team or everyone. c:    Input the Response text.    (PS: You can also insert emojis/pictures/files/links. You can choose some customized snippets, like "Agent name",          "Last order number"     ;                                                                                                                                                         You can also insert a hyperlink to an image.  )                                         d:     Click Save changes.Kindly check the saved shortcuts. You are able to re-edit, copy or delete the macros you created. You can also see the shortcuts are created by who and usage times. Click shortcuts icon and choose the appropriate shortcuts to reply to your customers. (Ps: use "serach" icon to search the keywords of  your created shortcuts.       click "Manage" and directly enter into the editting interface.)   Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How to set the review push link for your products?
Please kindly go to the Settings——Helpdesk——Satisfaction survey and insert your store link to collect feedback from your customers. Please also enabled the button below. Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How to completely remove Willdesk from my website ?
● Willdesk has been compatible with Shopify 2.0 theme. If your store is under Shopify 2.0 theme, you don't have to remove the residual code after uninstalling our app;● If your store is under Shopify 1.0 theme, please take the below step as reference to remove the code. To completely remove the Willdesk widget from your site, we can delete the JavaScript Code of the Willdesk in your site, please kindly find the picture below to guide you on how to find and delete the code.♥ We are very sorry that Willdesk failed to meet your needs.:( We will listen carefully to your opinion to improve our app and give you an optimal experience!I just want you to know that we will always be here waiting for you to come back:)Please allow me to express my heartfelt thank to you for accompanying us along the way!Your support is always the greatest motivation for us to move forward!Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
About refund
1. We can offer you a refund through the Shopify backend if your invoice has come out.2. If the payment has not been billed, you can contact Shopify support to apply a refund request in advance. And the email will be sent to us from Shopify. We can offer a refund service at that time.For APP payment, please check the official website file: App chargesNot satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!