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How to close tickets automatically?
Step 1: Please kindly go to Automation > Template under Automation rule > select the template of [Conversation auto-closing]Step 2: Please set up a specific time for customer non-response time, and add condition to choose messages channels if you need.Once you save the settings, the auto-closing rule will be active and apply the rule to new conversations. If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you!
How to set up automatic replies according to message keywords?
What are the advantages of automatic replies according to message keywords?🤖 Automatic replies based on keywords in a user's message offer several advantages:1. Improved Customer Service: It enables quick responses to inquiries, ensuring customers receive timely assistance and information.2. Efficiency: By automating responses, it reduces the workload on customer support teams, allowing them to focus on more complex issues.3. Personalization: By analyzing keywords, the system can tailor responses to the specific needs or questions of each user, creating a more personalized experience.4. 24/7 Availability: With automated responses, users can receive instant replies at any time of the day, even outside of regular office hours.5. Cost-effective: Automating replies can help businesses save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual responses.Overall, leveraging automatic replies based on keywords can lead to increased customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and a more seamless user experience.How to set up automatic replies according to the keywords in the user's message?Step 1: Use the template of Autoresponder bots based on keywordsStep 2: Customize the keywords based on your needs. You can type the keywords directly and click "Enter" to input the text. Please Step 3: Continue the flow. You can click the Message content block to raise the setting window on the right side of the page, then you can edit your answers directly.Step 4: After finishing the setting, you can edit the title of the flow and click "Create Flow" to activate automatic replies according to the keywords in the user's message.Notes: 1. It is supported to add emojis, pictures, attachments, hyperlinks, Shopify products and FAQs via tools in the box.2. It is supported to click "+" to add buttons to set up reply buttons, redirect to a page, start over and customer support, so that you can provide more interactivity for customers.3. If any reply buttons are added, you can continue to click "+" to add the next workflow, add conditions and actions to better meet your needs.
How to allow customers to choose a team or a teammate to take care of their concerns?
What are the advantages of allowing customers to choose a specific team or a teammate to take care of their concerns?👍 There are several advantages:1. Personalized Service: Customers feel more valued when they can select a familiar team member who understands their history and preferences.2. Increased Trust: Building a relationship with a particular team or teammate can foster trust and loyalty over time.3. Customized Solutions: Specific teams or teammates can provide more tailored and effective solutions to address customers' concerns properly.Overall, giving customers the option to choose a team or teammate to handle their concerns can lead to stronger relationships, improved customer satisfaction, and a more personalized and efficient customer experience.How to allow customers to choose a team or a teammate to take care of their concerns?Step 1: Use the template of Triage button and assign to different teamsStep 2: Click the block to raise the settings page, you can edit the text directly to customize your service types. If you need more, please click "+" and choose [Reply buttons] to have more blanks to edit.Step 3: Continue the flow and sign conversations to a specific team or teammate. In addition, it's supported to add tags for the conversations, so that you can better identify and manage your conversations.Step 4: You can pre-set some commonly asked questions or a customized speech to enrich your workflow. Step 5: After finishing settings, you can edit the title of this flow and click [Create Flow] to activate the workflow. With this setting, when a customer opens a new conversation, it is assigned according to the type selected by the user, and the issue information can be collected synchronously by adding the tag. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Willdesk live chat support for further assistance. Thank you!
How to build a workflow to customize a pre-chat survey?
By collecting additional information about customers, pre-chat surveys not only create opportunities for personalized service, but also help you allocate the right resources to resolve customer queries more effectively.Although we provide a solid Pre-chat survey in Widget settings, some customers need to customize data collection to provide personalized assistance. Therefore, we developed an Automation feature to build a workflow bot to customize data collection.How to build a flow to customize collecting data?Step 1: Automation → Template → Use templateStep 2: Click the delete icon in the first block and "Remove Block&Children"Step 3: Click "+" and choose "Collect data"Step 4: Click the block and customize the content in the settings window at the right side of the page. All items are editable. Please kindly click "+" and "collect data" to add more values based on your needs. After you have done the setting, please click "Save" at the right bottom of the page. Thank you!Step 5: Please feel free to edit the workflow name at the top left blank. Please make sure to click "Create Flow" at the top right of the page to activate the flow. Thanks!Please kindly check the below video for your reference, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Willdesk team. Thank you!
How to set up Automation to support customers in selecting a specific team?
To support assignments to different teams based on message keywords, we can combine building workflow and automation rules to support customers in selecting a specific team. As a result, when customers start a conversation and ask for a specific team, the ticket will be assigned to the team automatically, which will effectively optimize the workflow of your different teams to handle with different customer issues.Please kindly check the following steps to set up your automation.Step 1: Choose a workflow template and click a delete icon to remove block & children.Step 2: Click "+" and "Message content"Step 3: Click the block and edit the text in the setting window at the right side of the page, and click "Save" when you are done. Step 4: You can edit the workflow name and then make sure you click "Create Flow" to save the settings. Step 5: Add rules to achieve when incoming messages is "Team *", then assign to team "Team *". Please make sure to click "Save change". With all the settings done, it will work automatically to assign tickets to a specific team as long as your customers choose one. Please contact us if you have any questions, thank you!
How to set an automation rule to identify refunds?
You can use our template or customize your own refund rule to identify refunded conversations and quickly assign them to team, marking them as urgent and tagging them, which will reduce your losses and improve efficiency.
How to set auto-assignment team rules?
Automatic assignment rules can be set up based on the established teams. Please go to Settings-Helpdesk-Automation rules or kindly go to Settings-Teams and click Add inbox rule.Click "Add rule now" and fill in the elements required to complete the rule.a: Think of a name for your convenience.b: Add condition. Select a store URL/Email address, which will take effect according to the team.     (PS: You may read Related email integration/multi-store integration articles and complete integration)c: Select a team you want the inquiry from regarding email/store to be assigned. d: Click "save changes". Separate teams were completed based on distinguished rules. Messages from your different emails/stores will be assigned to the different teams according to your rules.Not satisfied with this page? please contact us for more customizations!
How to Setup Workflow bot In Willdesk?
What is a workflow bot?A workflow bot is a type of chatbot that is designed to automate and streamline business process. The workflow bot feature comprises of three main parts: Template, Flow builder, and Bot setting.How to set up an automated workflow?Please find the navigation bar on the left, then click Template option provided by us and continue configuring the workflow bot till the end.Guidance Overview:Let us build up one FAQ for Online Store template here for example to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions and 24/7 customer support. In order to make this practice properly, we can start customizing a popup message by following the steps.Step 1: Click a block, and there will be a setting window on the right side.Step 2:  Customize the Pop-up Message contents and select Reply type according to your own decision, like nothing to reply after clicking, Message text to contact online agents using our provided sample buttons, or creating your own button actions to make further interactions with your users.Step 3: Click the blue Save button and proceed with your further actions by clicking the plus icon "+" for the rest steps.Step 4: You can also set up the precise action during the process of workflow, by creating a Redirect Button and selecting related functions appearing after operating. In this way, users can access precise pages or functions, like Help Center and Order Tracking, etc.Step 5: If you would like to create a workflow related with product pages, you can also right click the uploaded images and insert related links, so that visitors can access website pages accordingly.Step 6: After finishing all steps in your current workflow, click blue button "Create Flow" and it will be applied immediately on your website.Step 7: Once visitors access your website related pages or contents, there will be a pop up workbot window occurring and visitors can click related icons or buttons to fetch the information needed accordingly.Precautions:1. If a visitor accesses your website page via Chatbot, the whole chat record will occur in the column of Chatbot under Conversations in the Inbox section, kindly note it, please.2. Only under one circumstance will the Chatbot-related message appear in normal Chatboxes: If users write or send a new message in the same Chat forfurther inquiry, this Chatbot message will be transferred from the Chatbot column to All Chats aspect immediately and online agents need to handle it as usual.Flow BuilderAfter finishing the content of Template setup, you can access Flow builder to see the templates created successfully. By clicking Edit icon or Delete icon, you can do the manage individually here settingHere you can upload avatar of Bot displaying in your Chat Widget content and customize the displayed name accordingly. Only when you are under Paid Plans will have the permission to edit this section.If you still encounter further issues while using this feature, please do not hesitate to contact us via Chat and we will help and support you here with the best meanwhile. Your feedback and shared issues will be a great improvement on our APP end as well!